Nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary (HIDA) Scan Patient Information

Your understanding of the treatments and tests you receive is very important to everyone at Community Howard Regional Health.  Therefore, this information sheet is meant to acquaint you with standard procedures followed in a routine HIDA scan.  This document provides you with the basic facts and information about this test.  Read the material, share it with your family and ask any clarifying questions to the Nuclear Medicine Technologist. 


A HIDA scan is used to calculate the Ejection Fraction of your gallbladder.  This test will show the function of your gallbladder.  You will be laying on a table for 2 hours while a camera sits over your stomach taking images the entire time. 


  • You may not have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your exam
  • Pain/Narcotic medications must be stopped 24 hours prior to your exam
  • Usually a gallbladder ultrasound will be performed prior to ordering a HIDA scan


  • An IV will be placed in your arm for the entire duration of the exam (2 Hours)
  • You will then be injected with a radioactive “tracer” and we will image your abdomen for an hour
  • After your gallbladder is visualized under our camera we will then infuse a medication into your IV over an hour with Kinevac or CCK which will then stimulate your gallbladder causing it to empty
  • We will then trace a region of interest around your gallbladder on our camera after your pictures are taken and this will generate a curve and tell the radiologist what percent your gallbladder is functioning

Your comfort during this procedure is very important to the staff at Community Howard Regional Health.  Please let the technologist know if there is something that can be done to make you more comfortable during this procedure.  If you have other questions not answered on this sheet, please don’t hesitate to call the Nuclear Medicine Department at 765.453.8597.  Thank you for allowing us to service your healthcare needs.