Foundation Membership


Board of Directors

It takes a dedicated board of directors to effectively steer an organization like the Community Howard Regional Health Foundation. The board is composed of volunteers from the business, hospital and private sectors, each of whom volunteer their time for the benefit of Community Howard Regional Health.  Please join us in extending our gratitude to them for their service.

2013-2014 Foundation Board Members:

James P. Alender, CHRH President & CEO


Jeff Cardwell

Dr. Bernard Fogelson

Greg Griswold (1st Vice-President)

Pat Himelick

Aaron Hunley

Celestine Johnson

Cathy Kuenzli

Kim LaFollette

Jeff McComas (Secretary/Treasurer)

Tammie Meadows, RN

Dr. Robert F. Miller

Randy Morris

Jody Ortman (2nd Vice-President)

Kevin Purvis

Dr. Sue Sciame-Giesecke

Brian Shearer

Dwight Singer

Greg Sullivan

Matt Tate

Becki Vent (President)

Alan Warner

Chris Wolfe

Jeff Hall



Rhonda Eastman, Foundation Director
Bethany Quinn, Foundation Specialist